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Speed Test

Global Broadband Speed Test

Network speed test for mobile. Speed check & ping test for network performance.Speed Test is a specialized for users to provide a variety of network Speed measurement, broadband Speed measurement, professional, accurate Speed measurement tools.

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Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker app for games

Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.Auto Clicker does NOT require root access.Auto Clicker super fast.Download Auto Clicker to save your time, it’s FREE for you.

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"This is a wonderful app and is nearly perfect. It is the best at lengthy recording I found. If you have clicks that are really fast it will sometimes miss those during recording but not very often at all. Update: The add feature they added allows you to stop progress and add more clicks to a recording. After 2000 clicks I see better performance by saving and adding on to the save with this feature." - Ethan Morris



"Hey, great app but I do have a suggestion for some macros I have timers on them when to start and stop but I want to share that macro with my friend or another phone the timers are not in it I have to manually add all the timers again, please add a feature when sharing a macro the timers are also in it. Thanks." - Ash Bee


"does the job well and still runs after startup without permission issues, not like [insert competitor app here]. and altho the menu is very complicated, it only does simple task/macros for the clicking part; mind you i havent tried the image detection function so feel free to try it out yourself. another thing i’d like to add is despite you can skip the ads after 5 seconds (which is good), if you chose to watch an ad and skip after 10 second it doesnt let you use the app, which i’d say funny." - Komang Gede


"This app is very useful and has all of the features you’d need, bar one. The only feature I feel this app is missing is for the touches/gestures to have an option to change the time between gestures +/- a certain amount of ms set by the user. You can do this with the actual position of the gesture yourself, but having the option to do the same for the time would be brilliant" - josh waddington


"This app is really good. It took a couple of minutes to understand how to use it.. but it is easy to navigate around the app and if you understand how time in milliseconds work then this is an amazing app for you. It works with any game and if you don’t want it to be on your screen just tap the X on the pull out bar (the same bar that you use to start, stop, and modify the auto tapper). I recommend this app to anyone who plays idle/tapper games and don’t want to destroy your fingers." - cod_snipa_4_life


"This is easily the best auto clicker I've tried. I even had to make a review just cause of how useful it is. The overlay is simply and not in the way it can be minimized to the side or minimized totally off the screen. It has a pro membership for extra features but honestly the free version works so well its not necessary to pay unless you require the premium features for some reason." - Stephen Ruiz (GeekyGamer)